Do you have Flash crash on you often in Chrome? While Chrome is very good about auto-updating Flash and plugins without any user intervention this same function can also cause issues… especially if you also have other browsers installed (such as Firefox.)

The issue may stem from the fact that there are actually multiple copies of the Flash plugin installed on your computer. Thankfully the remedy for this is pretty simple; simply disable the built-in Flash plugin!

1) Open Chrome and type “about:plugins” into your address bar. Here you will see a list of all plugins installed. Flash will likely be at the top of this list. Simply scan the listing for “(2 files)” next to the title donating that you do in fact have multiple copies running.

2) Click the “+ Details” button in the top Right corner to show the details for the various copies.

3) The Location field will tell you where each copy is located. Find the version of Flash that is built in to Chrome. The path will looksimilar to “C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\15.0.874.121\gcswf32.dll”

4) Click “Disable” for the Chrome copy of the plug-in and it will become greyed out.

5) Go to to download the latest stand-alone version and install

6) Restart Chrome and you should be golden. You can always go back to “about:plugins” to verify only one copy is installed and running.

This will likely take care of many of your Flash crashing issues, but as always, your mileage my vary. This is but one (very common) potential cause for a crashy Flash. If this still doesn’t help it is also possible that certain aspects of Chrome have become corrupt. In such an event you can uninstall Chrome and re-install a fresh copy. However, doing so will likely reset the changes made above. Hope this helps!