Everybody agrees that backups are very important. No place is this more important than on your home NAS. Everyone has one of those… right?

There can be a slight issue when backing up a Synology unit to CrashPlan. The issue is with default settings the backup will often get stuck around 99% and never actually finish. This is due to the CrashPlan agent attempting to backup locked files.

If you knew what files were in use you could simply exclude them from the backup, right? Unfortunately, the application doesn’t tell you which ones are actually in use. What’s worse, CrashPlan only tells you where to find the log files on Windows & OSX clients.

Thankfully, I went ahead and found them for you so you’re good.

  1. You must have CrashPlan installed on a Synology unit (Instructions can be found here.)
  2. Enable SSH on your DSM.
    Log into your DSM: Control Panel > Terminal > Enable SSH Service > Apply
  3. SSH into your DSM with an administrative account.
  4. cd /volume1/@appstore/CrashPlan/log
  5. grep "^W" backup_files.log.0
  6. You will likely get a lot of the same few files over and over again (just with different timestamps.) These files are the ones that are locked preventing the job form completing.
  7. Simply update your CrashPlan backup job to not include these files, or add them to the list of exclusions, and you’re done!

Your backup job should now complete and all will now be right in the world. You’re welcome! 🙂